Children's Feet

A baby’s foot contains no fully formed bones at all. The shape of your child’s foot is mapped out in soft pliable cartilage with no arch. As you child grows this cartilage will ossify, becoming more and more solid. Muscles are developed by the habit of kicking. At around the age of two, the foot shape that your child has inherited will start to become clear. There are three main foot shapes…

As your child grows, so too does the bone structure in their feet and by the age of five, your child’s foot will have started to develop the full 26 bones. By now feet are growing not as fast, although they will grow one shoe size per year. The arch is now fully developed. The final structure, however, won’t be in place until your child is in their teens. Contact us at Foot Stop for a children’s appointment.

I feel more agile and supple following the classes. My posture has improved and I am a lot more aware of how I place my feet. The exercises made me feel better in general.


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