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Footcheck made me aware of the way that I stand and sit. It improved my deportment and made me conscious of the way I walk. It made me stand up straight instead of slouching.

Patient - Footcheck

I feel more agile and supple following the classes. My posture has improved and I am a lot more aware of how I place my feet. The exercises made me feel better in general.

Patient - Footcheck Classes

Walking is now painfree. After sixty years involvement with rugby, athletics, basketball tennis & golf not to mention just living, it was no surprise to me that wear and tear on my feet produced pain in walking. Could there be a "cure" in orthotics? – I asked an expert. The expert said "let me see you walking - let me see your footfall" And for the first time in 66 years I learned how to walk. And walking is now painfree.

E McCarthy (Patient)